Google One is a new cloud storage service with perks

Say hello to Google One		
	Frederic Lardinois

   	8 hours

Say hello to Google One Frederic Lardinois @ 8 hours

So with Google One, you get one-tap access to experts for help with our consumer products and services.

Users having a paid Drive storage plan will be automatically upgraded to Google One over the "coming months", with the upgrade starting in the USA and then expanding globally. Google promises enhanced support and more benefits down the line for One subscribers.

With the rebrand to Google One, you'll also be able to share your cloud storage with family members. The latest tweaks are a part of Google's plan to lineup up Drive with its Material Design approach, and as you saw earlier, it has been applied to Gmail quite considerably. It's very possible that Google is also trying to coax users out of the free Google Drive option (remember, if you allow Google to shrink the resolution of your photos, you can store an unlimited amount) and into paid options.

Google storage plans apply to multiple services across Google's cloud. Plus, you'll gain access to extras from other Google products, like credits on Google Play or deals on select hotels found in Google Search.

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The upgrade, which the technology giant previewed today, is set to launch under the brand Google One. If you're on the latter plan already, you'll see the upgrade to 2TB soon.

That doesn't mean everyone in the household is going to need their own paid storage space, because Google is introducing family sharing for Google One plans. It should be noted that the change doesn't affect G Suite business customers. The company states that it will add more benefits over time.

Up until now, Google Drive represented your available storage across your Google account, including Photos, Gmail, and whathaveyou.

Clarification: The new Google One subscription will house the files used by several Google services, not the services themselves. The internet giant is revamping its cloud storage platform with new storage plans and a host of new features.

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