Secretary Azar's Remarks on the Trump Administration's Drug Pricing Blueprint

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Drug Importation 'Just a Gimmick,' Says HHS Secretary

This system "gets into the notion of physicians or facilities making money off the arbitrage between acquisition price and reimbursement", Azar explained at a briefing with reporters following a speech he gave on President Trump's plan to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Trump said in the Rose Garden.

"If we want to have a real market for drugs, why not have them disclose their prices in the ads too", Azar said. Health insurer Aetna Inc. This is the vital core of the program, keeping Washington out of pharmacies and maintaining affordable drug prices for patients, and must be protected even as the program grows and changes. Health insurer Aetna rose 2.3 percent and UnitedHealth gained nearly 2 percent.

Once announcements of the healthcare plans were made, markets saw a surge in stock with Merck & Co bounced up 2.8 percent while Pfizer as well as Johnson & Johnson each jumped above 1 percent.

Other sectors of the health-care industry also appeared to shrug their shoulders after the White House rolled out its 44-page "American Patients First" blueprint, which proposes a laundry list of policy ideas to encourage drugmakers to lower the list price of medications and lighten costs for consumers.

One of these suggestions is to require that plans under Medicare Part D share savings from drug rebates with patients directly. In his speech, Trump also mentioned ending "dishonest double-dealing" where PBMs don't pass on rebates meant for patients.

Azar's list of proposals, which will likely be the subject of considerable lobbying with Congress, includes overturning the cap lawmakers put in place on penalties for raising drug prices beyond the rate of inflation - a common industry practice for years.

"The United States both conducts and finances much of the biopharmaceutical innovation that the world depends on, allowing foreign governments to enjoy bargain prices for such innovations", the council's report said.

Trump also blasted the pharmaceutical and insurance industries for spending hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbying to "protect the status quo". In the first three months of this year, the industry has already spent almost $10 million for lobbying.

Newspaper reports recently revealed that Swiss drug maker Novartis paid Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen $1.2 million in "consulting" fees past year, despite the fact that Cohen lacked any qualifications to provide such services.

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In a statement made just before Trump's speech, the group lauded the administration's "objective assessments of a drug pricing marketplace and regulatory framework failing consumers and failing our nation". "It makes sense that proposals we see coming out of the administration would be somewhat limited".

After the pharma rally on Friday afternoon, the Trump administration still seems set on illustrating its get-tough approach to reining in drug prices in the U.S., which far outstrip the prices allowed in any other industrialized nation. And as a result, the federal government is paying an average 6% discount on these drugs, where private payers are working on discounts of 20% to 30%.

The focus on PBMs is a good news for Indian drug makers.

President Trump called his plan American Patients First and said that it was going to have the most sweeping reforms in history.

In Trump's announcement speech, he focused on the mismatch of drug prices in the United States and overseas, pointing out that customers in other countries pay much less for certain medication than American patients.

But the blueprint did not call for Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, an idea the Indian industry had feared all along. That is where India comes, as there is a huge gap in prices of pharmaceutical drugs between India and the US.

And unsafe drugs from unreliable manufacturers could be used to plug the gap. "Absolutely right that PBM and insurer discounts be passed on to patients!" Enbrel, which was approved in 1998 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, generated $8.7 billion in sales for Amgen in 2017.

Trump directed US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to take up with all countries on the fixing of prices of American pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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