Tim Cook To Duke University Graduates: 'Think Different, Be Fearless'

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Tim Cook suggests the US government should not charge high tarrifs on trade from China

This comment echoed with this year's Facebook data controversy, which Cook heavily criticized after it was revealed that political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica was able to breach into the data and information of almost 90 million Facebook users. "He was my friend and mentor, Steve Jobs".

Cook said his main message to Donald Trump was that cooperation and trade between two countries can actually be more beneficial for both than if each were to act on its own. "So we choose a different path: Collecting as little of your data as possible. Fearless like the women who say "me too" and 'Time's Up", Cook prompted. However, it's not just the social media giant that does such things.

Well, Cook's speech encapsulated everything from climate change and its effect to Apple's use of the renewable energy and certainly telling the graduates how important an obligation it is for them to leave the world a better place than they had found it. Doing the right thing is baked within the culture of most tech companies here.

Comparing Apple's approach to privacy with Facebook's is a bit like comparing apples to oranges because the companies' offerings are completely different.

Apple Tim Cook Donald Trump China White House trade with China tim cook met donald trump trump meets tim cook us china trade relations
Most of Apple products are produced in China

Tim Cook has been a vocal critiic of Facebook and Google. "Cook has been vocal about data privacy and this was a good forum to paint the picture around where Apple as a company and culture sits on this hot-button issue".

Cook, who has previously called data privacy a human right and a civil liberty, hasn't been shy about his criticism of Facebook.

Although Cook said he didn't support Trump's policies, he credited part of Trump's analysis of the U.S.'s historical relationship with China. Cook added that the fiasco showed that Facebook was "beyond" self-regulation. "And yet the potential adverse consequences are spreading faster and cutting deeper". When asked in March how he would handle the situation if he was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he told Recode's Kara Swisher and MSNBC's Chris Hayes that he " wouldn't be in this situation".

Cook is counting on a new wave of graduates to decide just how ridiculous it is.

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