Uber Won't Force Sexual Misconduct Survivors Into Arbitration Anymore

Giving victims of sexual assault or perceived sexual harassment more options sends an important message that Uber is taking the issue more seriously, said Kristen Houser, a spokeswoman for Raliance, a coalition of groups working with Uber to prevent sexual abuse on its service. And the firm said it will begin publishing a "safety transparency report" on sexual assaults and other incidents that occur on its platform. Uber was also accused of stealing trade secrets and covering up a massive data breach. Lawsuits against the ride-sharing tech giant allege that Uber seeks to hide the size of the problem by not being transparent per CNN, but West claims that policy will end shortly. That revelation kicked off 2017's annus horribilis, a year during which Uber saw itself bouncing from one crisis to the next.

An April 2018 CNN search of police and court records in 20 major USA cities found that 103 Uber drivers had been accused of sexual assault over the previous four years; 31 drivers had been convicted and dozens of others faced criminal and civil cases at the time. The report left open the possibility that countless more incidents existed, as sexual assault cases often go unreported.

"We think the numbers are going to be disturbing", said Tony West, a former government prosecutor during the Obama administration who became Uber's chief legal officer after Khosrowshahi took over.

The suit was originally filed in November 2017 but gained increased public attention in recent weeks after the women wrote a letter to Uber's board detailing their allegations and urging the company to remove its arbitration clause.

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Uber is due to respond in court by Wednesday about whether it will require the women in the proposed class action suit to carry out their assault claims in arbitration.

The raid-hailing company's terms of service previously required any legal claims be resolved in an arbitration hearing, rather than open court, according to The New York Times.

"As bold and far reaching as this announcement and decision is, and as unique as it is, it won't give everything to everybody", West said. That means victims who wish to file lawsuits about harassment will still have to do so individually, and will still not be able to bring a case on behalf of many plaintiffs.

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