A Tesla just towed a Qantas Dreamliner

Tesla Model 3

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In the spotlight really is the Tesla Model X which deserves a standing ovation. According to Qantas, this was the first occasion that a production electric auto has ever towed a passenger aircraft. The electric automaker teamed up with Qantas for a publicity stunt in which a Tesla Model X P100D pulled a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner almost 1,000 feet down the tarmac at the Melbourne Airport in Australia.

This isn't the first time that the Tesla crossover has exhibited its impressive towing capabilities. Qantas offers Tesla wall chargers at four airports in Austrailia to offer Tesla Model S and Model X owners a charging point while they are travelling.

In terms of weight, the Model X P100D tips the scales at 2,509kg, while the plane is a hefty 24,700 kg.

Talking about the Tesla Model X P100D's mechanical strength, the EV uses an electric motor with the maximum output of 1,072Nm of torque.

Tesla Model 3
TESLAOrder books open for the two new variants next week

Tesla along with Qantas came together for a more updated take on the same stunt.

The Model X has an advertised towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, but there's no question that Tesla's crossover SUV is much more powerful than that.

Qantas Airways also shared an official statement, which said that never has a passenger airliner been hitched to an electric passenger vehicle for towing, at least until today.

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