Frances Cobain settles with ex-husband, he gets Kurt Cobain's guitar

Frances Bean Cobain loses Kurt Cobain’s iconic ‘Unplugged’ guitar in divorce settlement Far Out Staff

Frances Bean Cobain loses Kurt Cobain’s iconic ‘Unplugged’ guitar in divorce settlement Far Out Staff

In January 2017, Silva had claimed that she gave him the guitar as a wedding present, which she denied, adding it was a "priceless family heirloom".

As per the agreement, Silva is entitled to Kurt Cobain's famous MTV Unplugged guitar, based on a supposed verbal agreement.

She has since chose to hand over the guitar as a way of settling the divorce proceedings quickly without a trial.

The acoustic guitar Kurt Cobain used on MTV's Unplugged in 1993 is said to be worth millions. It is also supposedly the last one Kurt played before his passing and was reportedly meant to stay within the family.

Frances Bean Cobain, an artist whose mother is rocker Courtney Love, Wednesday Silva, lead singer for The Eeries, in an unpublicized ceremony on June 29, 2014, according to Cobain's divorce filing in early 2016.

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Frances, for her part, gets to keep the house she and Silva bought together and will not have to pay Silva spousal support.

KING5-TV [via the Associated Press] reports that the court ruled the photographs exempt from Washington state's Public Records Act on Tuesday (May 15).

Kurt Cobain's suicide photos will remain sealed after an appellate court in Washington on Monday upheld a judgment from 2015 keeping them from being released to the public. Lee, described as a "conspiracy theorist" in court documents, has independently researched Cobain's death for years, propogating the theory that Cobain was in fact murdered.

Lee appealed the 2015 ruling previous year, prompting Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain to file documents and testify to block Lee's case.

Earlier this month, Frances opened up to the Daily Front Row about what her late father would think of her own music. However, Frances was unsuccessful and Silva is now the legal owner of the guitar.

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