NC Teachers Prepare to March on Raleigh

H10 teacher strike

Demanding respect, thousands of teachers and students swarm North Carolina capital

Two more counties in Eastern North Carolina have joined the growing list of school districts that plan to close on Wednesday when thousands of teachers from across the state are expected to rally for increased funding for public education. Commentaries about education and teacher-led actions have dominated opinion pages in newspapers around the state. He says that has to last until his next paycheck on May 31.

The National Education Association reported last month that North Carolina teachers earn about $50,000 on average, ranking them 39th in the country past year. Whereas 66 percent of students in Durham Public Schools were eligible for free and reduced lunch, only 7 percent of CPSC students were eligible for the program. Give us enough to teach all in an effective way.

Peacock: We used to have teacher assistants, K-through-3.

North Carolina's starting teacher salary was increased in recent years, but Bellerose said when other funding cuts and things like longevity pay are considered, the state has taken a major step backwards. North Carolina spends $8,940 on each student - the national average is $11,984.

"I'm not a math wizard, as I am an English teacher, but when you divide that, I want you to know that I am roughly being paid $53 a day to educate your child", Cols wrote in the post.

Walker has been teaching for about three years.

At least 38 districts, representing more than half of the state's 1.5 million public school students, canceled schools due to teacher absences, it said. It also would make them happier, which is good for everyone, including our children. Were I still working with student teachers, I would be urging them not to seek jobs in your state.

Shooting death of suspended school teacher ruled a homicide
No charges were filed, but police noted in the report that "the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running". Police investigators say they'll take all the time they need to find and convict the killer of Rachael DelTondo .

Legislative leaders and their surrogates are emphasizing that this year's pay increase would mark the fifth consecutive set of teacher raises. The possibility of this protest and assembly making any sort of desired impact on legislators appears remote. Lawmakers will be greeted by crowds of teachers and educators, projected to be as large as 10,000, showing up to Rally in Raleigh in support of public education. There could be a semantic argument that Wednesday's presentation by teachers would be "union activity".

Teachers can also be learners.

Organizers are calling it "March for Students and Rally for Respect".

We will be watching and learning.

Can teachers and lawmakers find common ground? They have plenty of legitimate grievances.

During the rally, teachers from around the state plan to lobby the legislature for what they say are desperately needed new state dollars for underfunded school systems.

One local teacher attending the rally in Raleigh is Jeffrey Pageau, a French teacher at Rocky Mount High School. And when we had mentor pay, we had more mentors.

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