Researchers Discover Dirty Jokes in Anne Frank's Diary

Researchers unravel content of unknown pages of diary of Anne Frank

Scholars restore pages on sexuality that Anne Frank erased from diary

The Anne Frank House Museum said at a presentation that it, and several Dutch historical institutes, were able to reproduce the lost pages after years of study by shining a light through them and photographing them in high resolution.

The Anne Frank House alongside Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands presented the diary findings at a press conference this week.

Cooped up in an attic for months on end, Anne Frank jotted down some of her observations about life in her diary.

Anne died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp, shortly before it was liberated by Allied forces in 1945.

"Anyone who reads the passages that have now been discovered will be..." "The "dirty" jokes are classics among growing children. They make it clear that Anne, with all her gifts, was above all an ordinary girl", he added, according to the Associated Press. He edited and published her writings in hiding after the war, making Anne Frank one of the world's most famous Holocaust victims.Anne Frank wrote the jokes on September 28, 1942, just three months after the family began their two-year stay at the hiding place.

It has always been theorised that the young Jewish diarist and her family were discovered by Gestapo officers in 1944 after a tip off from an unknown informant.

Researchers unravel content of unknown pages of diary of Anne Frank

Hidden pages from Anne Frank's diary, revealing risque jokes and her personal musings on sex and prostitution, have been unveiled by researchers.

"They bring us even closer to the girl and the writer Anne Frank", Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House museum, said.

The Anne Frank Foundation announced the discovery Tuesday, saying it helps to explain her adolescent interest in sexuality.

Anne wrote candidly in other parts of her diary about her burgeoning sexuality, her anatomy and her impending period.

Anne wrote in her diary while she and her family hid for more than two years during the Second World War.

"She starts with an imaginary person whom she is telling about sex, so she creates a kind of literary environment to write about a subject she's maybe not comfortable with", he said. On prostitution, Frank noted that "in Paris they have big houses for that". "Papa has been there". "As mattresses for the soldiers". One evening he came home and then he saw his friend in bed with his wife, then the man said: "'He gets to and I have to!'" She would later write a book based on her diary called "The Secret Annex", which she'd hoped would be published after the war.

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