Rumor: Pokemon Switch Titles Revealed, Will Be Pokemon Yellow Remake

Pokemon Switch To Be Revealed This Month, Will Launch In 2018

Emily: Pokemon RPG For Nintendo Switch To Be Revealed This Month, Released In 2018

Just about everyone who claims that the above game names are official are also insisting that the current plan is for the game to take place in the Kanto region - the region the series began in - and that it will utilize elements seen in Pokemon Go. We don't know yet if Nintendo is preparing to reveal a new pair of Pokémon titles or if they're just trying to keep domain squatters from potentially adding further fuel to the rumor mill. Not only that but the same company set up the domain names for Pokémon Sun & Moon a day before they were announced, and are even listed as the registrar for Nintendo itself.

This news that a Pokemon game will be coming to Nintendo Switch has been building for a while now. The domain names were registered yesterday, with a company called CSC Corporate Domains doing the leg work. That lends a lot of confidence to the notion that these domains were registered on behalf of Nintendo, so Pokemon Let's Go! could very well be the title of the next mainline Pokemon games.

From here, information about the games become much more speculative.

Let's go. back to Kanto?

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In her blog post, Rogers also talks about what the game could be like, something we're sure many gamers are wondering about. In essence, that would make it a remake of a reimagining of Pokemon Red and Blue. The Pixelpar Twitter account, which has been teasing Pokemon Switch announcements for a while now, has also been dropping hints regarding Pikachu and Eevee's prominence in the RPG.

Previously, noted insider Emily Rogers stated that we could see an announcement for a new Nintendo Switch Pokemon game this month.

While those titles might seem a little weird to longtime Pokemon fans, we're getting more reason to believe that they're the real deal today.

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