Some hear 'Yanny,' others hear 'Laurel' in viral, divisive audio

Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet crazy

Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet crazy

But maybe one of those explanations applies to you, so let's break them down.

If you're neither Team Yanny nor Team Laurel, and more of a Team This is Ridiculous, Chandrasekaran has some bad news. Turn up the volume on decent speakers and you may hear laurel.

The voice saying "Laurel" is at a lower, bass-heavy frequency.

After she posted the recording, along with a poll, the arguments and confusion began.

However, one expert has a different take on why people are hearing different words.

Please just help us out here.

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Some people who listen to this audio file hear one thing; others hear something completely different.

UPDATE: I'm losing my mind because I can only hear Laurel now.

"The way you hear sound is influenced by your life in sound - what you know about sound", Kraus tells CNET. Story recorded both the words in his own voice and concluded found similar sound patterns for "Yanny" and "Laurel". The audio illusion drew comparisons to the great dress debate of 2015.

"Because it's noisy, your brain is filling in with what it thinks it should be".

Many celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen and Ellen DeGeneres, have chimed in and shared whether they hear Yanny or Laurel.

Speaking to the Verge, Mr Riecke suggests the "secret is frequency? but some of it is also the mechanics of your ears, and what you're expecting to hear".

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