Stan Lee files billion-dollar lawsuit against POW! Entertainment

Stan Lee Files $1B Lawsuit Against POW! Entertainment for

Stan Lee Is Suing Pow! Entertainment, The Company He Co-Founded, For $1 Billion

"We at POW! Entertainment take great pride in our continuing work to create exciting new Stan Lee content and characters as well as safeguarding the legacy of the greatest storyteller of our time", the statement said.

"In each instance in which Lee granted a non-exclusive licence, the licensee has offered to pay a fee for the use of his name, image and likeness, but under no circumstances did Lee ever sell off his personal identity, name, and likeness, which he spent 95 years building up".

Lee was one of the co-founders of POW!

He's now suing his former business manager Jerardo Olivarez for fraud, accusing him of mismanaging his affairs and embezzling millions of dollars, at the time when he was grieving over the death of Joan Lee in 2017. Lee claims he got conned into an agreement. Lee is also suing his ex-business manager for Jerardo Olivarez for fraud.

Lee claims POW Entertainment!, including CEO Shane Duffy and Gill Champion, either forged his signature or tricked him into signing over the exclusive rights to his name, image and likeness, according to TMZ.

According to the complaint filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Lee has been selective about licensing his name and likeness and will only authorize the use on a non-exclusive basis.

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Speaking to Disney on the Infinity War red carpet, Lee gave a shout out to his fans, thanking them "for having spent all these years coming to see my cameos [in the Marvel films]".

Lee lost his longtime wife Joan, who died at the age of 93 last July.

"Lee does not recall anyone reading the Illegitimate Document to him, and, due to his advanced macular degeneration, he could not have read it himself", writes attorney Adam Grant in the complaint. The complaint also states that Camsing was given access to his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts against Lee's wishes. "While the Illegitimate Document purports to contain Lee's signature, Lee never knowingly signed it".

Lee is seeking an injunction declaring the agreement invalid and unenforceable and damages in excess of $1 billion. His name is described as his most important and valued possession in the suit.

Charges included in the lawsuit were claims of ugly acts by manager including draining Lee of his blood with the intent of filling up custom-made pens with.

Lee seems intent on regaining control of his life.

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