The HTC Exodus Is A Blockchain Phone Coming Soon

HTC is creating an Android phone that's powered by blockchain

HTC Exodus to Be 'World's First Native Blockchain Phone'

With a Blockchain smartphone, HTC is going to need to build an ultra-secure smartphone, which is something HTC hasn't done before (and really no manufacturer has), but it should make for an interesting device.

Like Sirin Labs, HTC is also considering allowing buyers to pay with cryptocurrency to get Exodus.

Phil Chen, who has spearheaded HTC's development of HTC Vive VR technologies and devices, will serve as chief decentralized officer of the new blockchain unit.

The phone, which is called the HTC Exodus and will run on Android, will feature built-in secure hardware and will offer a layer of decentralized apps.

According to HTC's own vision, it's a phone coming with cryptocurrency support that's dedicated to decentralized applications and security. The company foresees the phone as a "hub" or node for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with plans to support "the entire blockchain ecosystem".

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Although they have been losing some popularity, cryptocurrencies are still some of the most popular digital assets. The announcement comes nearly one week before the launch of its latest flagship, the HTC U12.

A sketch of HTC's upcoming blockchain phone appears on its official site. In fact, i'll bet that these phones which double as a cryptocurrency wallet will become a prime target for attacks, and hope HTC is aware of this when developing it.

Since many smartphones can already handle much of the cryptocurrency trading experience through the use of software, this could be a very specialized handset that only traders might be interested in.

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC will introduce their first Blockchain phone to the market in October, the device will be available for purchase with Bitcoin. We'll have to wait to find out specifications such as the type of processor, battery, or even screen size the Exodus will feature.

There is no release date or price details for the Exodus at the moment.

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