US Identifies Suspect in Leak of CIA Hacking Tools

Former CIA engineer, 29, facing a child pornography charge is also suspected of leaking devastating secret agency documents to Wikileaks

Man suspected in massive CIA leak jailed, but not charged

A lawyer for Schulte told The New York Times: "This case has been dragging since August 2017".

In March of 2017, Wikileaks published more than 8,000 classified documents detailing hacking tools and strategy of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The breach, known as Vault 7, was the largest loss of classified documents in the agency's history.

Prosecutors, the Times also reports, plan to file a new indictment against Schulte that pertains to the leak, within 45 days.

According to the report, Schulte worked for the the CIA's engineering development group until 2016, a position that would have given him access to the thousands of agency documents that were handed over to WikiLeaks in 2017.

When Schulte's apartment was searched, a week after the first Vault 7 dump on 7 March, the search warrant application said he was suspected of "distribution of national defence information".

It is not clear whether the government is pursuing contractors as part of the leak investigation, but prosecutors have not mentioned anyone other than Schulte in court proceedings.

However six months later in August, instead of charging him for the Vault 7 leak, U.S. prosecutors indicted him on unrelated child pornography charges.

A USA prosecutor said in January the investigation was still continuing and that Mr Schulte remained "a target of that investigation", the Washington Post reports, quoting court documents.

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They allege messages sent by Mr Schulte suggest he was aware of illicit pictures being hosted on a server he created as a business while a university student in 2009.

But the Federal Bureau of Investigation cited IRC chats between Schulte and others in which he allegedly indicated that he knew about the types of illegal material that were being stored on his server. In December 2017, he was jailed after he violated these conditions.

"The fact that the defendant is. using Tor from his apartment, when he was explicitly told not to use the internet, is extremely troubling."
They conducted a number of search warrants on the defendant's residence.

Schulte's father, Roger, said he was scared to death.

For reasons that are still unknown, Schulte hasn't been charged in the case despite being arrested more than a year ago.

Authorities appeared to piece together several bits of information to come up with the theory Schulte is responsible for the leak.

Schulte's connection to the leak investigation has not been previously reported. Kaplan had been living with his cousin in NY. Laroche was actually describing a "characterization" by Schulte's attorneys and expressing disagreement.

A former federal prosecutor who is not connected to the case said that it is not unusual to hold a suspect in one crime on unrelated charges and that the months Schulte has spent in jail do not necessarily mean the government's case has hit a wall. Photos of the assault - some of which included Schulte's hands - were allegedly found on Schulte's phone, Laroche said at the hearing.

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