WhatsApp Groups Improved With New Features

WhatsApp update brings Slack-style group messaging features and new admin controls

WhatsApp Groups gets new description, admin controls, Group catch up, and more features

Group description: A short blurb found under group info that allows you to set the objective, guidelines, or topics for the group.

WhatsApp is now in the process of rolling out some new features to the Android app with its groups chat in mind. New settings will now allow admins to restrict who can change the group's icon, subject, and description. Group participants can now search for anyone in a group by using the search option on the group info page. With this feature, the original admin (that is the creator of the group) can now revoke admin rights of other admins of the group without having to kick them off the group and add back again.

Moreover, if a client exits from a specific visit group and gets over and over added to a similar group by the group administrators, the previous can for all time block the group.

WhatsApp admins are getting more powers.

WhatsApp update brings Slack-style group messaging features and new admin controls

Group catch up: As the name suggests, it will help the member, who has been away from the discussion in the group chat, to catch up with the latest developments.

Despite having1.5 billion users WhatsApp is wary of the threat posed by Telegram, which just has over 200 million users and have implemented these features thus making them more suited to group chats.

Group catch up: One of the most demanded features in Groups was a way to find out whether someone called you out at some point and you can straight dive into it. The new features are available for Android and iOS users.

At the recent F8 conference, WhatsApp parent company Facebook had announced, a group video calling feature with up to four people. By clicking the button, the users can enjoy this feature. In fact, so popular were the Good Morning messages that Google made a decision to create a feature that lets you clean up your phone of these forwarded images once and for all, with just a single tap.

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