25-year-old enrolled, played basketball at Dallas ISD's Hillcrest High School


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According to police, who arrested him Friday on a felony charge of tampering with government records, the talented teenager was really a 25-year-old man named Sidney Gilstrap-Portley.

School officials informed parents and students of the situation in a letter on Monday and the district has said it will review policies to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley allegedly posed as a 17-year-old Hurricane Harvey refugee so he could play boys' basketball at Hillcrest High School in Dallas, Texas. Dallas ISD officials think that the motive behind this was to play basketball, Harris said.

The mother of a Hillcrest High freshman said that her daughter started dating Gilstrap-Portley in January.

A 25 year-old man is accused of posing as a 17 year-old boy so he could play in a school basketball team - and date a 14 year-old girl.

"This school year our district welcomed evacuees displaced by Hurricane Harvey".

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Gilstrap-Portley remained below the radar for a while, until he secured a transfer to the Hillcrest High School. "I never had any problem out of him". "When we had the issue of the Hurricane Harvey in the Houston-area, he took advantage of that and portrayed himself as a victim of that event and enrolled himself in one of our schools".

The individual started to attract unwanted attention after the mother of a 14-year-old student contacted the authorities regarding Richardson's behavior. "I don't know what, how [the school] let this slip through the cracks". The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity said her daughter didn't have a sexual relationship with Gilstrap-Portley. "That's why I was shocked when I heard that all this came out because that's not the kid that I knew".

"He was a good kid", North Mesquite's coach, Phillip Randall, told the Dallas Morning News.

"He fooled us. He did", said Christopher Bayer, the principal at Hillcrest High. It could have gone differently if he had other intentions to hurt her or to traffic her'. Things became suspicious after an ex-coach saw Gilstrap-Portley in action on the court, WFAA reported.

Gilstrap-Portley has since been released from jail after posting bond.

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