Bill Bradley says gambling on high school sports is upon us

States are now free to offer sports betting: where do South Carolina leaders stand?

NCAA in favor of sports gambling, suspends championship policy

Another key takeaway from the decision is that legalized sports betting still faces significant threats, even after the Court's ruling.

The Supreme ruled 6-3 Monday that the federal government can not stop states from setting up sports gambling operations. "The legalization of sports gambling requires an important policy choice, but the choice is not ours to make", the nation's highest court declared.

Then a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court accepted the appeal of the Third Circuit's ruling, and experts noted how the court might look favorably on New Jersey's argument that the federal ban was an intrusion into the right of states to regulate activity within their borders.

In Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey saw the U.S. Supreme Court's decision as a way to modernize tribal gambling compacts and potentially boost revenue to the state.

But my most pressing question, and admittedly more basic and selfish one, is this: What impact might this ruling have on the classic Las Vegas weekend? LA, the court, by a 6-3 vote, ordered a new trial for a capital defendant whose lawyer conceded his guilt to the jury, disregarding the explicit instructions of his client. Alito reasoned that if the states are free to legalize casino gambling, they must also be free to establish their own sports lotteries. The law at issue here, he said, "unequivocally dictates what a state legislature may do and not do", thus putting state legislatures "under the direct control of Congress. We hope to be a part of the discussions if the state looks at entertaining the new legislation involving sports", said Rodriguez. More than a dozen other states now are considering bills that would do the same thing, though Virginia is not - at present - among them. That law had limited the scope of sports gambling in the country. The average National Football League fan who is a bettor watches 45-50 games a year.

While Capped Sports has users from all over, it doesn't hurt that DE is likely to be one of the first states after New Jersey to have legalized single-game sports betting. Another dozen states have publicly announced plans to do so at different speeds.

Murren says people were also anxious about Las Vegas when legal gambling went to other states and to Native American reservations.

Some states such as West Virginia have already passed laws allowing some forms of sports betting in anticipation of PASPA being overturned. The pro-gambling side cited the Tenth Amendment as its main argument, while the anti-gambling side cited the supremacy clause.

Amateur athletes are the most vulnerable to corruption because they are not paid, noted Michelle Minton of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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"It is a dense fog, and it's not easy to cut through", said Karl Sleight, a Saratoga Springs lawyer specializing in gaming law for the Harris Beach law firm. Until now, Rhode Islanders wishing to participate in this activity had to bring their money out of state or play illegally. You guys are favored by 20 points. The decision also has been widely reported as having "legalized" sports wagering.

In an NPR interview, Bradley said his motivation was simple, and personal.

Sure, gambling isn't the only reason to go to Vegas (or so I've been told).

In fact, some fear that people who bet on horse racing because it was the only sport on which to make a legal wager will now abandon it entirely. In New Jersey, for example, online wagering is increasingly becoming more and more vital to Atlantic City's success. "We're like boy scouts; we're prepared".

Those hurt the most by this change are likely the illegal sports bookies who handle an estimated $150 billion in bets a year. Meanwhile companies like DraftKings and Fan Duel who are now navigating a loophole in the legislation with their daily fantasy propositions, already have an active database of 10m people who like to stake money on sports predictions.

Supporters argue that legalized sports gambling in Europe has not impacted the games there.

Now comes an opportunity to give patrons another gaming option, betting on sports.

Then there's the popularity of daily fantasy sports - an industry that has weathered legal challenges of its own.

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