County reports 32 percent turnout for Primary

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP- Only about 33 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in Tuesday's election

SALEM — Voter turnout was modest for Tuesday's primary election

"We have a booth set up in our lobby where people can fill out their ballot and then drop it off in the box right outside our office", said Jeff Doty, the county's election supervisor.

Checking Registration If you have recently moved or updated your registration since the last time you voted, please make sure you are registered at your current address.

The June 5, 2018, Statewide Direct Primary is only weeks away, and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is urging citizens to register to vote. At this time, there is no Democratic candidate for Circuit Court Judge.

You can find postage-paid registration cards at city halls, post offices, public libraries, most county government buildings, including the office of the registrar of voters, and at state Department of Motor Vehicles offices.

Tuesday is the primary election day for the Nebraska midterm general election.

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Voters will need to complete a new registration form if they recently moved or recently changed their name. If one person receives more than half the votes on the first ballot, that candidate wins.

If you haven't yet returned your ballot, you have until 8 o'clock tonight to do so, but don't try to mail it - postmarks don't count. More importantly, it is one that the Black community can't afford to ignore. That year saw 12,001 Democrats, 5,202 Republicans and no Libertarians, as the third party also was not certified for the primary. And it only applies to elective county offices - county commissioner or sheriff.

Anyone who didn't vote in the Republican primary can vote in Tuesday's election, or vote early through Friday. We will close from 1 to 2 the remaining staff can take a lunch.

It's not just candidates, of course - people who have been involved in campaigns for (and against) various other election measures will be glued to their computers tonight.

"We were on Facebook, we put it out in the voter pamphlet and we're always on social media trying to encourage voter turnout", said Debra Royal.

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