Ford to restart F-150 output following supplier fire

Ford suspended production of the F-150 at its plant in Dearborn Michigan on Wednesday night. It had already suspended truck production at a plant just outside Kansas City Missouri. Those are the only plants that make the truck

Ford to resume F-150 production Friday at Dearborn Truck Plant

- Ford Motor Co. plans to restart production of the F-150, Super Duty at plants starting Friday.

"The amount of team work and human ingenuity...shows you what the global Ford team can do when we work together", Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of global operations, said on a conference call with reporters Wednesday.

Once those machines were installed in the Nottingham facility, production of the Ford chassis components began and each day, parts are being shipped back to the Eaton Rapids plant for finishing. A catastrophic factory fire at a supplier in MI caused nationwide shortages, halting the production of the Ford F-150 pickup and Super Duty.

The fire damaged the Eaton Rapids, Michigan factory of the Meridian Magnesium group on May 2nd.

To get back on track, Ford recovered 19 dies - or tools used to shape metal into various parts - from the "badly damaged" MI facility, Ford said.

Ford teams, together with suppliers including Walbridge and other contractors, worked almost around the clock to get America's best-selling vehicle franchise back on line as quickly as possible, according to a release. The Eaton Rapids plant is producing truck parts again. "Thanks to their heroic efforts, we are resuming production of some of our most important vehicles ahead of our original targets".

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Ford and Meridian retrieved 19 dies used to cut and shape materials for the pickups from the burnt-out plant, testing and repairing them as necessary.

When the team removed the die from the Eaton Rapids factory, it was shipped to Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio.

The Russian cargo plane is one of the only ones powerful enough to carry a load as heavy as Ford's.

The F-Series accounts for nearly 40% of Ford's unit sales in the USA and has been the top selling vehicle in America for decades.

Ultimately, Ford said it expects to lose $0.12-$0.14 per share in the second quarter this year due to the truck production shutdown, but reaffirmed earnings-per-share guidance for 2018 from $1.45-$1.70.

Work started immediately in the aftermath of the fire. In between, the Ford team received a United Kingdom import licence for the die - a mere two hours before the plane touched down. Now officials say because of quick action after that early fire, they can now restart production.

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