Hero dog saves mate from drowning in backyard pool

Watch dog with a 'heart of gold' dive into the water to save his doggy best friend

Hero dog saves his friend from drowning in amazing video of rescue taken as non-swimmer pet fell into the family pool while home alone

A furry friend is being called a hero after diving into a swimming pool to save his fellow canine.

Distressed Remus then jumps into the pool and swims behind his friend, using his head to push Smokey out of the water.

Laurie, and her husband Jay Becerra, have a camera outside their home that records for 24 hours, Laurie said in a Facebook post. But for these two pups, it's a dog-save-dog world.

The video came from Laurie and Jay Becerra who praised Remus as a hero.

Watch dog with a 'heart of gold' dive into the water to save his doggy best friend

Smokey and Remus are two dogs who have one incredible viral video.

The footage showed Smokey having difficulty getting back out of the pool, with Remus on the side looking as if he was trying to direct him how to get up.

Becerra wrote on Facebook that her husband had stepped inside the house for a few minutes and the dogs must have broken through a fence meant to keep them away from the water. Smokey, who is not a strong swimmer, according to The Dodo, normally stays in the pool on the steps but this time nearly ended up in the deep end unable to figure out how to leave the pool. "My best friend cried when we sent her the video".

It's a rescue seen all over the internet, and one you have to see to believe. "He said that the dog is a real certified lifeguard".

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