BMW iNEXT Concept To Debut Later This Year

BMW i Vision Dynamics concept 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW Teases iNext EV

The design sketch shows off a concept version of the iNext, which will be shown this year as a "Vision" concept and begins production in three years' time. The iNext will be one of 12 electric vehicles BMW will launch by 2025. Mini and Rolls Royce models are also manufactured in this same plant and it is one of the modern factories of the company which is why they choose to manufacturer iNext production model there.

"A few years ago, project "i" started out as an independent project", explains BMW boss Harald Krüger.

"For the first time, we are combining all key technologies for future mobility", Krueger said.

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Krueger also said the iNext will offer Level 3 self-driving capabilities, which will let the driver cede control to the vehicle under certain conditions as long as they stand ready (or at least sit ready) to retake control within seconds if any warnings sound. BMW hasn't released much details about the iNext and the concept will be officially revealed later this year.

And it's now provided the first official glimpse - limited though it may be - at how it will shape up. That iNext too, will sit on a modular platform - BMW even says "if that sounds a bit like Lego, that's roughly the idea". The iNEXT will benefit the entire company and all its brands. BMW has confirmed the iNext will be capable of Level 4 autonomy, but it will not be enabled when it launches due to a lack of regulatory framework surrounding autonomy. So now you have the same vehicle that the Internet refers to with two different names, depending on the timeline. "Now, the letter "i" is coming to our core BMW brand".

Krüger explained that going forward, all fully electric BMW models introduced would carry the i designation.

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