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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of social media giant Facebook, will appear before the European Parliament on Tuesday to answer questions about the company's privacy policy, the company said.

But the decision to hold the meeting with the European Parliament behind closed doors has angered others. The company's stock had a trading volume of 9,196,512 shares, compared to its average volume of 31,975,293. And several of the US lawmakers often appeared to fail to grasp the technical details of Facebook's operations and data privacy.

Yet the question of whether Zuckerberg should explain himself publicly remains a point of contention.

As opposed to the very public USA congressional hearings, the Brussels meeting will take place behind closed doors, where Zuckerberg will be questioned by parliamentarians.

The appearance will take place in closed session, behind closed doors, much to the chagrin of Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian PM and leader of the parliament's liberal faction.

Taking to Twitter, Vera Jourova, the European commissioner for justice and consumers said that it's a pity the Facebook founder does not believe all Europeans deserve to know how their data is handled by his company.

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Mr Tajani had invited Mr Zuckerberg, saying that the 2.7 million European Union citizens affected by the data sharing scandal deserved a full explanation.

"Given the deep mistrust caused by the scandal in Cambridge Analytica, this meeting should be public".

Zuckerberg will also be meeting with French president, Emmanuel Macron on 23 May. "It is a step in the right direction towards restoring confidence".

That's even though Facebook has admitted that of the 2.7 million European users who could be affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, over one million of them could be in the UK.

But he will not appear before the British parliamentary committee investigating the matter, but rather has agreed to appear before the European parliament at a closed-door meeting.

"Although Facebook says Mr Zuckerberg has no plans to travel to the United Kingdom, we would also be open to taking his evidence by video link, if that would be the only way to do this during the period of our inquiry", committee chairman, Damian Collins writes in a letter to Facebook. While Nix has testified once to the committee, lawmakers want him to give further evidence - a request he had previously declined.

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