New multiplayer mode also announced

No Man's Sky Mod multiplayer

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date

In addition to that, the developers also announced that the game would finally be coming to the Xbox One.

It's still never quite shaken off the sense of disappointment from the initial launch but now it's finally getting one of the most requested features: proper multiplayer.

No Man's Sky figurehead Sean Murray appeared on today's episode of Inside Xbox to reveal that the Xbox version will release on July 24. "I'm excited for new players to be able to play such an expanded game from the start". Nonetheless, the new update contains a handful of important software tweaks and we're going to present them right now. This doesn't allow you to take advantage of Discord's voice and text chat services, but it does allow Discord to show your Xbox One activity to your friends. This includes exploring the universe and attacking other teams to epic space battles.

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You'll be able to team up with other players, building structures together, remaining permanent for all other players to see.

A couple of months ago it was confirmed that No Man's Sky would be headed to the Xbox One, but no specific date was provided at that time.

The game now does have a limited form of multiplayer, but with the update, players will be able to interact with other players better, such as grouping up with them to survive, build, race, and relax. Players will get all previous updates (Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises) along with No Man's Sky Xbox One Edition, which will also have a retail edition, courtesy of 505 Games.

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