How Meghan Markle's Wedding Attire Paid Tribute to Princess Diana

The young royal cheekily stuck out her tongue as she pulled up to the church. Source Getty

The young royal cheekily stuck out her tongue as she pulled up to the church. Source Getty

On May 19, 2018, with the whole world watching them (both in person and all over social media), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married in Windsor.

Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Duke William and Duchess Kate, isn't shy when it comes to the camera. There is no "official" rule about what women should wear at a formal wedding in the United Kingdom but there is a strongly followed unofficial rule: You want to bust out an awesome-looking hat.

Harry and Meghan chose to include the hymn as a tribute to Diana, after it was performed at her funeral at Westminster Abbey 20 years ago when the prince was just 12-years-old.

At times it seemed as though nearly everywhere Meghan Markle went on her wedding day, a little band of helpers followed. That became very clear during the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when she was caught sticking her tongue out at the crowds as she rode in a auto to Windsor Castle. Princess Charlotte turned to give a wave.

Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Tie The Knot
The British weather was - gasp! - sunny and balmy, bathing the ancient stones of Windsor Castle in a attractive spring light. There will be so much shouting and cheering and noise. "I wish that Diana was here, but she's in heaven watching over them".

A rather sassy Princess Charlotte made hearts melt - and showed off her mischievous side - when she stuck her tongue out at photographers as she arrived at St. George's Chapel on Saturday. Their proper behavior was a breath of fresh air for the royal family.

The bridesmaids had to be given a helping hand as they walked up the steps of St George's Chapel. Harry personally picked flowers for Meghan's bouquet from her garden in Kensington Palace, and guests were asked to sing a favourite hymn of Diana's that was also sung at her funeral. It turns out the newlywed prince did the same thing when he was on his way to visit his then newborn cousin Princess Beatrice of York in 1988. Princess Charlotte seemed to be channeling her uncle on the day of his wedding.

Princess Charlotte reportedly pulled off her duty well. Prince Harry had many endearingly silly instances when he was a youngster, and he still has his relatable moments to this day.

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