Battlefield 5 reveal trailer shows return to World War 2

Battlefield 2

Battlefield V digital pre-orders open on Xbox One, to have 4K UHD, HDR10, & more

The highly anticipated video game, Battlefield V, has been announced and is planned for release on Microsoft's family of Xbox One consoles on October 19 this year.

This time around it appears that Dice has put more emphasis on Operations, renaming it Grand Operations. In addition to this, cooperative mode makes a return and is called Combined Arms. Today, DICE gave some details about the co-op, campaign, multiplayer, and a few of the game's systems.

EA and Dice have confirmed Battlefield V will be the next instalment in the first person shooter series, with the game returning to its Second World War setting.

This isn't particularly surprising, but with how successful battle royale games have become over the a year ago or so, there's an expectation that every big shooter is going to have its own take on the mode.

In new and classic multiplayer modes, players can lead their own unique Company to victory in a dynamic multiplayer experience where every battle is unique. It's the game's live services component with multiple chapters and events leading that allow you to earn more rare gear as you play. It lets four players take on missions behind enemy lines.

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Battlefield V revolves around what the game calls the Company, a group of soldiers players can create and deeply customise, right down to the weapons and vehicles they use, as well as the clothes they wear and the war paint they cover themselves in.

As far as when we're going to see more of Grand Operations in action, DICE has confirmed that the game will have major presence at the EA Play event in Hollywood, which will take place before the Electronic Entertainment Expo. There are two editions of the game - standard and deluxe.

The Battlefield V Deluxe Edition will contain the base game, special customization items, bonus Starter Assignments, 20 weekly items, and access to the game three days before its official launch.

Now you can reinforce, and in some cases, reconstruct parts of the battlefield you blew up earlier in the match with a new toolkit, which replaces Battlefield 1's gas mask. Choose these five Sets from eight available when deploying into Battlefield V. If you want a cautionary tale on what the latter looks like, ask Call of Duty how their jetpacks and wallrunning went over with players.

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