Daniel Ricciardo breaks lap record in practice for Monaco GP

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Sebastian Vettel of Germany poses with grid girls at the United States Formula One Grand Prix.

The world champion, who has a 17-point lead over Vettel after five races, made a few errors that compromised his overall lap time.

"Ask me [about] individual drivers, where they should go: Ricciardo, I would say Ferrari", said Rosberg.

"I think they enjoyed what they were doing", the German driver said.

"I wouldn't mind. To be completely honest, I am very happy with the relationship I have with Kimi".

"When we pull up to the grid and there's attractive women on the grid, that's the Monaco Grand Prix, that's a lovely thing - but I definitely don't think that we should ever be supporting or pushing these women in general to feel uncomfortable".

Although Mercedes are confident Hamilton will stay, the Brit's future remains in some doubt following his failure to extend his contract which expires at the end of the year.

Hamilton leads Vettel, last year's victor in Monaco, by 17 points after five races.

"I don't know", he said.

John Terry's Chelsea dilemma if Aston Villa win Championship playoff
John Terry may not be picked for Aston Villa's clashes with Chelsea , should they get promoted to the Premier League. In a quiet way, he is not a ranter and a raver, he is not one who puts heads through doors.

"I'm pretty sure Lewis' priority lies with Mercedes and everything else would be a big surprise", Vettel said.

The 28-year-old Australian set track records in both sessions, first with a one minute 12.126 lap before lunch and then by obliterating that mark in the afternoon with a scorching 1:11.841.

"I would love to have this feeling going into every race, that we really genuinely believe we've got a chance to win", he said.

"History shows it can often be hard when there's two incredibly strong alphas within a team, but it seems to kind of work with him and Kimi - but if you really look you can honestly say that Kimi can't be too happy because there's certain scenarios that don't work out for him".

"But I don't see why not".

"I'm racing against him in a pretty competitive auto, which is always exciting, but I think, for any driver, you want to go up against the best. I think come qualifying, the others will turn it up ... but all we could do today was try and top the times, which is what we have done".

"But I feel like the setup I have right now within the team, Valtteri [Bottas] is driving exceptionally well, he's pushing me to the limit and I'm still getting that, but there's still a great harmony within the team and there's respect when one driver does better than the other".

"I thought previous year Ferrari, new regulations, maybe they just got a few things right and then Mercedes with time, with the development, would just completely disappear again".

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