Irish Students Offered Grants to Fly Home and Vote 'Yes' to Abortion

A woman walks past a pro-choice mural on the side of a building ahead of a 25th May referendum on abortion law in Dun Laoghaire Ireland

Irish Students Offered Grants to Fly Home and Vote 'Yes' to Abortion

At Cambridge, however, the women's campaign said funding is dependent on voting to repeal abortion laws. The historic vote was prompted by the Catholic Church's decreased influence on the country and the death of Savita Halappanavar, who died of septic shock from miscarriage complications in 2012, the Guardian Reported. About 3.3 million Irish had registered to vote, and many appeared to be returning from overseas to cast ballots. Archaic views on women's rights, LGBT rights, and tribal politics had been a dominating factor in my decision to leave Belfast in the first place and I had always been resolute in my support of reproductive rights. Ireland has one of the lowest levels of maternal mortality in the world.

So devoted to the rights of the fetus are proponents of the 8th that there have been numerous stories of women dying because doctors refused to assist in the termination of pregnancies that were posing a quantifiable risk to the mother's life.

Exit polls from the Irish Times and broadcaster RTE had suggested the Irish people have voted by almost 70 percent to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

In Brazil a bill is under consideration in congress that would ban access to all abortions, even in cases of rape and for women whose lives are in danger. One was in 1983, three were in 1992, and one was in 2002.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath, who advocated for a No vote, said the support for repeal was not evident to him on the doorsteps during the campaign. Student union officers were prosecuted for distributing such information.

An exit poll from Irish broadcaster RTE poll indicated that about 72 percent of women voted "yes" along with about 66 percent of men.

When asked about his previous reservations to the Government's proposal to legislate for unrestricted abortions up to 12 weeks into a pregnancy, the minister stated: "The issue around the 12 weeks is a redundant issue if we don't clear the hurdle on Friday".

The issue has been revisited repeatedly after heartrending "hard cases" that, abortion rights activists say, exposed vulnerable women to miserable choices - and even, at times, death.

Communications director John McGuirk said the unborn child no longer had a right to life recognised by the Irish state.

"We can not continue to export our problems and import our solutions", Varadkar said. "Ireland.pdf">doctors and family planning clinics to offer patients information about abortion services outside of Ireland.

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"Every time an unborn child has his or her life ended in Ireland, we will oppose that, and make our voices known". "VOTE NO to abortion on demand".

If the "yes" forces seeking a constitutional change prevail as the polls suggest, Ireland's parliament will be charged with coming up with new abortion laws. She can only access abortion when doctors deem that her life is at risk due to medical complications, or she is at risk of taking her life.

"As pastors, we have also shared the journeys of mothers and fathers who become aware during pregnancy that their baby has a life-limiting condition". Miss C was in the care of the Irish state at the time and was brought to the United Kingdom for abortion despite legal action from her parents to stop it.

"Ireland is just a very different country now than it was in 1983", he said, referring to the year in which the Eighth Amendment was endorsed by 67 percent of voters.

Speaking shortly after the result was confirmed, the country's prime minister Leo Varadkar said it marked "the day Ireland stepped out from under the last of our shadows and into the light". Their entire adult lives have been shaped by this series of tragedies and by the legacy of 35 years of inaction by successive Irish governments which created those tragedies.

"This has been a great exercise in democracy", Varadkar said, "and the people have spoken and the people have said: We want a modern constitution for a modern country, and that we trust women and that we respect them to make the right decisions and the rights choices about their own health care".

Meanwhile the Catholic Church has largely taken a back seat in the campaign - mindful, according to experts, that an overly dogmatic approach could have the reverse effect of encouraging a pro-abortionvote.

Irish pop culture stars like U2 and Ed Sheeran were no help, either.

A poll published on May 17 puts the pro-repeal side 12 points ahead, with 44% to the anti-repeal side's 32%. Tracy Ryan highlighted the case of Michelle Harte as one that "stuck" with her "throughout this campaign.' In 2010, an unplanned pregnancy halted Harte's treatment for cancer".

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