Nipah Virus: Kerala CM Chairs High-Level Meet To Review Preventive Measures

UAE, Bahrain caution citizens after Nipah virus outbreak

Nipah virus: Oman embassy issues warning for citizens travelling to India

Meanwhile, following a complaint from the state Health Department, the Cyber Police in Thiruvananthapuram registered a case against misuse of the social media with lots of fake news being circulated with regards to the outbreak of the virus.

Another life lost due to the deadly Nipah Virus (NiV) in Kozhikode of Kerela taking the death count to 11. The report is expected on Friday. Earlier this month, his two sons and another relative also died due to the virus infection.

The Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala has kicked panic among citizens after it has taken 10 lives. Lini's husband, Sajeesh, who works in Bahrain, rushed to Perambra on hearing about her condition, but by then it was nearly too late.

Directions have been given to continue vigil and to strengthen the state's monitoring mechanism, besides increasing awareness about the virus and strengthening precautionary measures, a government press release said.

Almost 300 people were diagnosed with the disease, and more than 100 of them died, according to the CDC.

Kerala state health minister K.K. Shylaja told reporters Tuesday that there had been no new cases of Nipah, though it was not immediately clear when the last case was reported. I don't think I will be able to see you. "Take care of our children". It was first diagnosed in Malaysia in 1988, when pigs were found susceptible to this virus-the farmers and rearers who handled the secretion of the animals eventually fell prey to the disease as well.

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Shailaja, the health minister in Kerala, said those who have been in contact with the victims have been put into quarantine.

Two other patients were in isolation in neighbouring Karnataka after developing symptoms similar to brain-damaging Nipah virus upon returning from Kerala.

Avoid travelling to Kerala or Karnataka at this time. World Health Organization said that the natural hosts of the virus are fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family, genus Pteropus.

A tourist who is traveling to popular tourist destination in Kerala are declared safe by Rajeev Sadanandan, a state health official, he stated that the outbreak "remains highly localized", with all cases linked to one family.

Eating fruits that have been partially eaten by infected bats or the cooked meat of infected animals can also lead to people developing the virus.

"But human-to-human spread can also occur if there is close contact with an infected person through hospital staff or family members".

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