Rachel Dolezal Faces Felony Charges of Welfare Fraud in Washington State

Rachel Dolezal, The Former NAACP Who Posed As Black, Charged With Welfare Fraud

‘Trans-black’ activist Rachel Dolezal facing 15yrs in prison for fraud

If she had received a book advance, she did not report it to the state, the investigator found.

Dolezal has been accused of first-degree theft by welfare fraud, second-degree perjury and false verification for public assistance. The former NAACP chapter leader is facing a felony theft charge in her home state of Washington after allegedly making false statements to secure almost $9,000 in food and childcare assistance.

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who passed as black and led an NAACP chapter, is facing a lengthy prison term on welfare fraud charges.

Court documents indicate she improperly received $8,747 in food assistance and $100 in child care assistance from August 2015 through last November, KHQ-TV reported. "The money, according to the case file, had come from authoring her book, 'In Full Color, ' speaking engagements, soap making, doll making, and the sale of her art", KHQ wrote.

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The state of Washington said it is seeking prosecution and restitution in the matter. Fox News recently reported that Dolezal has taken to Instagram to show the apparent success of her in-house hair salon business.

At the time, Dolezal had been reporting her income as being under $500 per month, even though investigators discovered deposits to her bank account totaling $83,924 for those months.

Dolezal's life is the subject of the documentary "The Rachel Divide" now streaming on Netflix. In June 2015, all of that changed after she resigned after her parents told local media that she had been born white and was merely posing as a black activist.

Court documents say she told investigators she "fully disclosed her information". In addition, the Department requests Nkechi Diallo be disqualified from receiving Food Assistance for at least a 12 month period for breaking a Food Assistance rule on objective. She also lost her job teaching African studies at Eastern Washington University.

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