Richie Incognito Held For Psychiatric Evaluation After Gym Altercation

Paranoid’ Richie Incognito feared government spy plot cops

Modal Trigger Richie Incognito stretches before a 2016 Bills Jets game. Getty Images

Veteran NFL guard Richie Incognito has been taken into custody for psychiatric examination after a weird incident at a Florida gym where he talked about being part of a government conspiracy.

The man Incognito got into a disagreement spoke with TMZ and said Incognito first threw a tennis ball at him before throwing a dumbbell at him.

TMZ said Incognito was "rambling about the government and screaming at the man to 'get off my (expletive) playground.'" That's when the police were called.

Incognito told The Buffalo News that he made the decision to retire for health-related reasons, saying, "My liver and kidneys are shutting down".

As Mark began to run around the area for his workout, he said Incognito began to repeatedly cut him off. He then told the police that he had taken an over-the-counter supplement called "Shroom Tech" and showed the police that his hands were shaking heavily.

The officers who were responding to the incident met with Incognito in the outdoor pool area, according to the report, and Incognito told them, "There's a guy walking around with head phones on".

"I'm definitely not a choir boy", Incognito said.

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"He started yelling at me like he was going to kick my ass and beat the [expletive] out of the equipment over here", O'Brien said in the 911 call regarding the incident obtained by the Herald.

Police detained, but did not arrest Incognito using Florida's Baker Act, which allows officials to hold a person for psychiatric evaluation "who is in danger of becoming a harm to self, harm to others". "When I asked why the government was trying to watch him, Incognito told me I didn't have a high-enough security clearance".

National Football League fans know Incognito well by now, and probably not because he made the Pro Bowl each of the past three seasons with the Bills.

Just a month beforehand, Incognito and his team had agreed to a renegotiated contract.

Buffalo officially released Incognito on Monday, making him a free agent.

Incognito, whose patterns of odd behavior go back to his days at University of Nebraska, was the central figure in the 2013 bullying scandal involving then-Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin.

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