‘The View’ Co-host Meghan McCain Again Criticizes NFL National Anthem Kneelers

Tomi Lahren Revels After NFL National Anthem Rule Change: 'They Can Still Pout in the Locker Room'

NBA Coach Steve Kerr Blasts NFL For 'Scaring People' With 'Fake Patriotism'

After the NFL announced its new policy, President Trump praised the league, telling Fox News the team owners "did the right thing".

To recap the new policy, the NFL now mandates that all team and league personnel who are on the field - and therefore visible to the fans in the stands and the cameras televising the game - "shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem".

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr derided the NFL for it's "fake patriotism" and "idiotic" new rule requiring players and personnel stand for the national anthem.

Kerr's criticism was echoed by some NFL players who ripped the league and President Donald Trump's comments about the policy.

"It's just typical of the NFL".

"I love the First Amendment and I encourage these players to use their platforms to influence change, raise awareness or whatever it is they're trying to do", said Lahren.

"And most particularly, (we considered) the members of our military and veterans communities who we've heard a lot from over the previous year about what it means to respect the flag and the national anthem".

The policy rekindled the debate about whether kneeling is an affront to America or a patriotic expression of free speech, and has again pitted billionaire owners against mostly African-American players.

Colin Kaepernick, the then-quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, began the kneeling protests in 2016 to draw attention to police brutality and racial inequality. Many of those who oppose the protests believe they are disrespectful to the military.

Teacher who confronted Indiana school shooter lauded as hero
After Friday's shooting, Carly Novel, a Marjory Stoneman student, tweeted: "Noblesville Middle School students I am so sorry". Other kids ran out of the building and into a nearby field where they called their parents and asked them to collect them.

We may not agree with these protest, but it's a right that we all have. "I hate that we have to go down this route, but it is what it is", Burns said. "It's about peacefully protesting".

A number of National Basketball Association players reacted to the disturbing video with the Twitter hashtag #StandwithSterling. I don't think that the players agreed to this, I think that's the owners-and by the way, it's the owners who would be fined.

"Our league is f**king terrified of Trump", one team official reportedly said. "That's what we're trying to do here".

"I say "disgusting" because of our First Amendment rights, " Marshall said.

"It just happened [Thursday] so there's going to be some time to work through it and the clubs are going to have to sit down with the decision makers and decide what the clubs are going to do individually", Koetter told reporters.

On his reaction to the new national anthem policy: "I wasn't really too anxious about it".

On his reaction to the new national anthem policy: "My reaction to the policy is I'm all about the football policy and winning games on Sunday". In a flawless world, everybody would stand.

I mean, honestly, who'd believe it? "That's the reason why we took a knee, and that was just a symbol of what was going on, just like the flag is a symbol of America".

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