Woman escapes armed boyfriend by slipping note to veterinarian

Volusia County Sheriff's Office shows Jeremy Floyd who was arrested at De Land Animal Hospital. Florida authorities say a woman who was beaten and held captive for two days at gunpoint by her boyfriend escaped when she

'He has a gun': Man arrested after woman slips note pleading to be rescued, cops say

According to the sheriff's office, Floyd pointed the gun at her in the vehicle and threatened to kill her and her family. He has been charged with battery, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of ammunition by a convicted in-state felon, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Floyd refused to let Reichle leave the home throughout the two days, until she hatched her escape plan Friday afternoon.

A woman allegedly held captive at gunpoint by her boyfriend has managed to escape by raising the alarm with a note she slipped to a vet.

On the ride over, Floyd threatened to kill Reichle and her family, authorities said. During the incident on Wednesday, officials said the two fought over the handgun, and it went off inside the house. He insisted on going with her and threatened her again with a gun on the drive there.

She passed a note to staff members at the hospital, which read, "Call the cops".

Volusia County Sheriff's Office shows a note florida authorities say a woman slipped to a staff member at an animal hospital in Florida. Authorities say the woman was beaten and held captive for two days at gunpoint by

When they arrived at DeLand Animal Hospital, the 28-year-old Reichle covertly slipped a handwritten note to a worker. "Please don't let him know!" Floyd is a convicted felon, according to the sheriff's office. After spending Thursday in bed to nurse a head injury, Reichle talked Floyd into letting her bring the dog to the vet on Friday.

The vet then called police who responded and and arrested Floyd. Authorities also discovered two bullet holes inside the couple's home.

Floyd, who has a criminal record, is being held in jail without bond.

The woman was taken to DeLand Florida Hospital where she was treated for a head wound, black eye, bruised arms and legs and scratches on her hands and fingers.

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