Mysterious brain-damaging virus kills 13 in India

Nipah patients PTI

World News: Extremely uncommon 'mind swelling' Nipah virus kills 13 and leaves at the very least 200 in hospital in India amid fears of a worldwide epidemic

All airlines and point of entries in the UAE, including airports and seaports, have been advised to keep a watch out for people exhibiting symptoms of Nipah virus (NiV), a senior health official from the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) said.

Rajo said there were social media reports to the effect that some cases of Nipah had been detected in Meghalaya, but officials in the state denied any confirmed case.

He was reported saying that the virus was suspected to have originated from Malaysia through the fruit bats and have passed on to humans when they consume fruits that are bitten by the bats.

There is no vaccine for the virus, which is spread through body fluids and can cause encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

During the 2004 outbreak, humans got sick from Nipah after consuming infected palm sap. Precautionary measures have been taken by the government against its spread.

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The Stanford University epidemiologist added: "It is conceivable that there is now a strain of Nipah virus circulating among bats that, if it infected people, would efficiently transmit from person to person".

His remarks on Congress chief have come at a time when the deadly Nipah virus has claimed at least 14 lives in Kerala alone. Doctors have not yet been able to cure the disease, caution is the only the biggest treatment to cure of this Virus. "Though there is minimal possibility of in Sikkim, but the people need to take precaution", it said in an advisory yesterday in the wake of Nipah outbreak in Kerala.

The patient who was passing through Goa by a train from Kerala and was heading to Uttar Pradesh saw his health condition deteriorating when he reached Tivim railway station on Monday morning.

"It has been chose to postpone the reopening of the educational institutions in the districts to June 5 as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of Nipah virus", Shylaja told reporters.

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