Bison gores woman in Yellowstone's 3rd recent animal attack

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According to a press release from the park, Kim Hancock of California, 59 years old, was gored by a bull bison at Fountain Paint Pot in the Lower Geyser Basin.

A woman in Yellowstone National Park was gored by a bison on Wednesday after her group came too close to the animal, park authorities said.

According to the National Parks Service, bison have lived in Yellowstone since prehistoric times, but went almost extinct in the US after excessive hunting in the 1800s.

This incident is being investigated by Park staff; there is no word yet on whether the woman will be cited. Some of the visitors got even closer, agitating the bison and provoking it to cross the boardwalk and charge into Hancock. The bison then left the area.

For the third time this week and fourth time in just over a month, a park visitor was attacked by wildlife.

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It was the latest in a string of injuries caused by wildlife in Yellowstone.

The park service said Wednesday's incident remains under investigation. There was also one a year ago and five in 2015. The safe distance is at least 75 feet.

Two women were injured by a female elk with her calf outside a Yellowstone hotel in separate incidents on Sunday and Tuesday.

'Animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how calm they appear to be, ' the park's guidelines state. Park officials aren't sure if it was the same elk. "Give animals space", the park said.

"If you can't maintain these distances, turn around and find an alternate route", the park advised.

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