IOS 12: the best features coming soon to an iPhone near you

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As with iOS, MacOS Mojave will get a fall release date.

However with these changes to iOS 12, it means that silly and unnecessary screenshots should be a thing of the past. Later on your phone will remind you to send those photos to your friend, and then remind your friends to send their photos of the affair to you. But the feature I'm most interested in are the new Screentime options found in the settings app.

Another new tool is called Suggestions, where Siri will prompt the user to take certain actions in iOS, such as order their favorite coffee that they drink every morning. It seems that they are primarily focussing on software section at this point as all the major announcements so far are related to this segment. Users will see the faces of everyone on the screen sort of floating on the screen. Mashable compiled a list of these features and how different they are when you interact with them directly; Here are 5 of our favorites.

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Apple is launching a suite of tools aimed at helping people curb their smartphone addiction.

It also comes with new parental controls that let parents view how their child is spending their time in apps and set time limits.

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A new Do Not Disturb during Bedtime mode will dim the phone's display and hide all notifications on the lock screen until you prompt it in the morning.

The "Play Media" intent boasts full HomePod support as well but you still have to set it up through the Shortcuts app on your iPhone before querying Siri on HomePod directly.

All of these upgrades will be available later in the year with Apple expected to released iOS 12 in September alongside its next generation of iPhones.

These include new "competitions" within the Activity app, letting you challenge buddies to fitness duels and earn badges.

In another feature, notifications will be grouped, meaning fewer of them will flood iPhone home screens. Customised emoji (Memoji) In a bid to make interactions more engaging, Apple is introducing the concept of "Memoji" on iOS 12, wherein a user can create an animated emoji with features exactly like theirs, such as a similar skin tone, hair colour and so on.

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