Donald Trump Considering Pardon for Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Trump floats possibility of pardoning Muhammad Ali

The latest potential recipient of his largesse is the late boxing icon Muhammad Ali, Trump said Friday.

On Friday morning, after Trump mentioned his interest in pardoning Ali, Ali's lawyer Ron Tweel responded with some pertinent information that the president may have been missing.

In May, Trump granted a posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, boxing's first black heavyweight champion, after being urged to do so by "Rocky" star Sylvester Stallone.

Though he was convicted of evading the draft during the Vietnam War in 1967, the Supreme Court overturned that decision in 1971.

Elizabeth Preza is the Managing Editor of AlterNet. "And some others and some folks whose have sentences that aren't fair".

Ali's refusal to join the military on the basis of his religion stirred national controversy, but he remained firm in his beliefs despite pressure from both the public and boxing organizations.

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It has been widely reported that the White House has assembled the paperwork to pardon dozens of people.

Mr Trump's comments follow his pardon of conservative political commentator and author Dinesh D'Souza. Why was the president so willing to pardon, or forgive, an African-American athlete whose legacy includes protesting racism while at the same time condemning modern African-American athletes who are now protesting racism? According to the Chicago Tribune, Trump said that "instead of talk", he will ask protesting players to suggest "people that they think were unfairly treated by the justice system". Given the high court's action, "there is no conviction from which a pardon is needed".

Still, it's curious that Trump would consider Ali for a pardon at all.

Though he mentioned Ali, and two of the clemencies he granted were after a celebrity appealed to him, Trump said Friday he "would get more of a thrill out of pardoning people nobody knows".

Earlier this week, a White House official reportedly called pardons the president's new "favorite thing" to discuss and the billionaire is reportedly "obsessed" with them. O.J. Simpson, he said in response to a reporter's question, is not on his list.

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