Don’t retaliate against US tariffs, Trump warns

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters before leaving the White House in Washington Friday

Europe has mixed views on Russia's return to G7

"PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, "US Tariffs were kind of insulting" and he 'will not be pushed around'".

But Trump appeared to take Trudeau's criticism personally, and denounced the prime minister hours after he departed the G7 summit on Saturday.

Donald Trump is a man known for his forceful handshake.

With respect to the North Korea summit, Trump said that it would be a "one time shot" for Kim Jong-un but he is hopeful that the meeting would work out.

Despite smiles and jokes for the cameras, the tension among the leaders was clear.

But in a tweet after flying out of Canada, the United States president showed he was in no mood to back down in any trade dispute. "He's going to do something very positive for his people, for himself, his family. And they understand it's going to happen", Trump said.

The government announced it would impose more than $16.6-billion in retaliatory tariffs, effective July 1, on a variety of USA goods.

"The level of relationship is a 10", Trump said.

Conte turned to Trump's favorite medium Twitter to make his point, in a sign that he is another world leader willing to use social media to bypass journalists.

That global order appears to be in disarray now, nearly everyone agrees, including the United States leader largely responsible for the upheaval.

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Trudeau said Canada wasn't backing down.

Members include the U.S., Canada, Japan and four European nations (Britain, France, Italy and Germany).

But Trump said that the notion that the G7 summit was in any way contentious was "fake news", telling reporters Saturday that the conference had been "so wonderful".

Before the president arrived at the summit, he criticized Canadian tariffs on USA dairy products, adding that he was "looking forward to straightening out unfair Trade Deals with the G-7 countries".

Once again, Trump emphasized that the days of the US getting the short end of the stick in its trading relationships with the world were over under his watch.

But tariffs on US imports of cars and auto parts would devastate the Canadian auto industry, which is highly integrated with the USA sector. "So we are going in with a really positive spirit", the USA president said. A subsequent visit in April this year warranted only a working lunch for the German leader, several days after fellow European Union leader Macron got the full, formal state dinner treatment from Trump.

Disagreement over the sunset clause was the deal breaker that scuttled a possible meeting between Trump and Trudeau in Washington late last month in an attempt to bring the NAFTA talks to a conclusion.

Trudeau refused, and the meeting was off. According to the Telegraph, it appears as if Emmanuel Macron made a decision to give Trump a taste of his own medicine in what is being described as a bit of an awkward encounter between the two.

"And so began a long litany of recriminations, somewhat bitter reports that the United States was treated unfairly, that the trading system was totally unfavourable to the United States, the American economy, American workers, the middle class", the official said. "And that's a very profitable answer, if we have to do it", Mr Trump said, adding: "We're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing and that ends". He reiterated his position, saying it would be an asset to have Russian Federation back in the group.

"What this will look like in 2018 and potentially beyond is a more and more economically and politically isolated America, but the rest of the world is pretty much carrying on to the best of its ability just without the USA".

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