EA Announces Release Date for Anthem

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								 Anthem Gets Release Date and Some Co Op Gameplay		Not as much being shown off as one would hope

Video 22 Hours Ago by Jason Love 0 Anthem Gets Release Date and Some Co Op Gameplay Not as much being shown off as one would hope

During today's explosive EA Play 2018 announcement, Anthem took center stage, with an enormous chunk of new footage surrounding BioWare's upcoming title.

EA Play has typically given fans several new trailers for their upcoming games, most notably Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 and other sports titles. Now, we have gotten more information about what you can get with Anthem's special edition.

We'll be live blogging EA Play in about a half hour and will keep eagle eyes out to see if the leak is true! The event starts at 7pm BST and we'll be bringing you everything as it happens, but what should we expect?

Origin Access Premier will be available in the Summer.

There's also an AI companion called Owen, à la Ghost in Destiny.

Yet.there wasn't much else?

BATTLEFRONT II. Star Wars Battlefront II is bringing the game to Geonosus and the era of the Clone Wars. If that wasn't enough then later in 2018 the game will receive a significant update based around the Clone Wars era - one that will feature new maps, modes, heros and villains.

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The game will also get a large-scale sandbox multiplayer experience, with the game also entering the timeline of the Clone Wars with Geonosus.

And two games were outright launched during the EA Play: Unravel 2, a co-op sequel to the 2016 EA-published puzzle platformer, and Command and Conquer: Rivals, a new free-to-play, Clash Royale-like spin on the classic RTS series for iOS and Android.

You'll be donning a Javelin exosuit as a Freelancer to venture out into the world to fight against The Dominion, a multitude of giant monsters, and other enemy factions. When players step out into Anthem's risky world, it will be a place inhabited by other players.

Speaking during a brief Q&A during the presser, the team at BioWare also revealed that Anthem will not have loot boxes.

This is what the developers describe as "our world, my story".

To stop them you'll be able to take control of one of four Javelin power armors. The release date of the PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC title is potentially February 19, 2019.

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