Life is odd 2 getting a set-up game which is completely free

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Arrives June 26, 2018 (Update)

Captain Spirit is a new Life is Strange spin-off that you can play for free later this month

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit got people talking when it was revealed at the Microsoft E3 press briefing last night.

The game will be free when it hits on June 26.

In the past, Dontnod has always said it imagines a Life is odd sequel set in the same world but not dealing directly with the characters from the original. The new game has been developed alongside Life is odd 2, but while it might only be a spin-off from the upcoming title, your choices in this game will have an impact elsewhere.

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The game itself will put players into the role of a 10-year-old boy named Chris, who "dreams of being a superhero". His big imagination takes him - and you - on a big adventure, on one rather ordinary Saturday that turns into one rather extrarodinary. Both games in the series, the 2015 original, as well as the 2017 prequel Before the Storm, have been quite positively received by gamers and critics alike. You will most likely see and discover new content on subsequent playthroughs which you might have previously missed.

It's also worth noting that Captain Spirit's release date is later this month, on June 26, and it'll be completely free on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 - and you don't even need to own any Life is odd games to take advantage of that offer. There are "links" to stories and details from Life is unusual 2, the directors teased.

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