Elon Musk's 'not a flamethrower' devices show up on eBay for thousands

Flame on! Elon Musk says Boring Company delivers its first ‘Not-a-Flamethrowers’

Elon Musk and the Boring Company Deliver its First 'Not a Flamethrower' Flamethrowers

He celebrated the occasion by holding a "pick-up party" at SpaceX in Los Angeles to give away the first 1,000, and it was attended by those eager to get their hands on their very own weapons of destruction.

"When the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll be glad you bought a flamethrower", he tweeted.

"Like most Americans, I am in awe in of Mr. Musk's genius - the brains behind Tesla, PayPal, SolarCity, and Space X. But as President Truman and Stan Lee have taught us all, "With great power comes great responsibility" he wrote.

In another tweet with a photo of a couple with their flamethrower and a baby carriage, Musk wrote, "Nothing makes your baby more zen than a few gentle puffs of a TBC Flamethrower".

'Works against hordes of the undead or your money back!' That amounts to $10 million in revenue for The Boring Company, which recently released video showing a tunnel it dug near the headquarters to demonstrate how it hopes to speed up traffic.

Musk tweeted what he claimed was the terms and conditions for the machines, some of which were presented in the style of the U.S. children's author Dr. Seuss.

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The "Not a Flamethrower" devices were the second product-driven fundraiser supporting the Boring Company's cause.

Some customers are already trying to turn a profit on the device.

So far, the listings on eBay do not appear to be drawing much action.

As of Monday morning there were a number of ads on eBay with "buy it now" prices listed as high as $20,000.

He announced after he put them up for sale that they're a "super bad idea". Plus, The Boring Company said it is going to donate $10,000 to California Wildfire Relief Fund. It has been the most dramatic fundraising technique for The Boring Company by Elon Musk to date and it met its fair share of resistance as well.

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