E3 2018: First Gameplay From Hideo Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding’

E3 2018 New Death Stranding Trailer Features More Hollywood Names

E3 2018: Watch the wild new Death Stranding trailer

What begins as a straightforward journey soon turns to the weirdness that Hideo Kojima has always associated with Death Stranding.

The game has only one announced platform, which is PlayStation 4.

Our newest look at Death Stranding finds Sam speaking with an unknown female character who asks him to "come work for her", to which Sam replies "he makes deliveries, and that's all".

Sony's press conference offered an extended look at the game while still not revealing much about what you do in it. That doesn't mean it isn't confusing as all hell though.

Death Stranding does not yet have a release date. We don't really know what that gameplay is yet, but we got some. The trailer features a bunch of characters, including Norman Reedus character Sam, trailer through a series of environments.

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Roll call: alongside Lindsay Wagner, in terms of big-name Hollywood stars, are Normal Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro and, as also revealed in the new E3 trailer, Lea Seydoux.

According to the description, "Besieged by death's tide at every turn, Sam Bridges must courageous a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding".

As usual, Kojima-san was very tight-lipped about the details of what we saw during the "Death Stranding" presentation. Hideo Kojima wrote in his blog that the newest trailer shows a lot more of the actual gameplay, provides some answers, as well as gives "a chance to discover new mysteries".

Death Stranding is confirmed to launch as a PS4 exclusive.

From the new trailer, it seems that Norman Reedus, whose in-game name is also still a big question mark, is like The Transporter, delivering "things" wherever they are needed.

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