E3 2018: Telltale Working On Stranger Things As Minecraft Heads To Netflix

Telltale nabs yet another big license, is working on a Stranger Things game

Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix

Back in December we reported on the possibility of Netflix offering branching path content, and had even pointed to Telltale's The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones as flawless examples of limited interaction experiences that could fit with Netflix's technology.

Netflix is now clarifying that it's not a "game", exactly, it's an interactive story.

This sounds like a window is opening for Netflix to slowly take over the game streaming business, but I wouldn't go that far just yet.

The company then confirmed that they are now developing a game based on Stranger Things - though wider details about the game are still scarce at the moment, with console compatibility and release dates yet to be confirmed.

Telltale also reached out to Mashable and added: "We can confirm Minecraft: Story Mode is a licensed 5-episode interactive narrative series coming to our service this fall". "There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", the company said.

The representative also said the Stranger Things project would live on Telltale's platform and not on Netflix's service.

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UPDATED with more details: Telltale Games is adapting Netflix's popular science-fiction seriesStranger Things as a video game, and working with Netflix to bring more interactive experiences to the streaming service.

There's release timeframe available yet either; though, TechRadar cites a confidential source who stated that the game was originally meant to launch alongside Stranger Things' second season.

UPDATE: Netflix got back to us.

Sources familiar with the matter share that the games made available for streaming will initially be dialogue-driven, meaning that gamers will advance through the storyline by selecting options proposed via text. This would include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and even smart televisions with a built in Netflix app. Chromecast might be possible if the user could input commands from their device. And Netflix does use video games to drive awareness of its brand and content. TechRadar's sources suggested that an announcement of the partnership "could happen any day".

So Netflix is going to be "the Netflix of Telltale games", if anything.

The technology site TechRadar was the first to report the collaboration.

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