Google Home can now juggle three queries at once

Google Home can now handle up to three commands at once

Google Home gets smarter multiple command support, now answers up to three queries at a time

The feature is apparently now live for up you to three queries strung together for users in English language in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia - but my trials haven't been successful.

Back at Google I/O (Google's annual developer conference), the company had announced that it was working to improve support for multiple commands like these and make them smarter. Today, that functionality is starting to go live. For example, instead of saying "OK Google, what's the time in Shanghai and what's the time in London", you can simply ask, "what's the time in Shanghai and London" and get two separate answers based on your question.

Google announced the update on the Made by Google Twitter page.

Showcased at Google I/O, Google Assistant can now handle up to 3 commands at once, should you be very specific with each command.

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So, for instance, you could say "OK Google, turn on the bedroom lights and raise the thermostat temperature and play songs by The Stooges", and Google Assistant (which provided the brains behind the devices) then gets to work to change the lighting, temperature and line up some tunes.

Also, this capability appears to extend to actions, too.

With this latest firmware update, though, Google can intelligently recognize these commands. If you want Google to perform a more complicated action, make sure to send it to your device from the Google Assistant website.

Now, users can say something more natural, such as "turn off the lights in the bedroom and living room".

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