SNP MPs walk out of PMQs in protest over Brexit debate

Speaker John Bercow said that the daughter of Clive Lewis the MP for Norwich South was conducting herself better than most politicians in the room- including her father

SNP MPs walk out of PMQs in protest over Brexit debate

The prime minister's spokesman said: "That sort of stunt effectively means that the SNP members who were down on the order paper to ask the PM questions can't represent their constituents".

Lawmakers from the Scottish National Party (SNP) staged a dramatic walkout from the British parliament on Wednesday after their leader was ordered to leave the House of Commons in a row over Brexit.

"In the devolution section of the bill, we got 19 minutes to debate the fact that Westminster is staging a power grab, and not one Scottish MP even got to speak".

'Proceedings on the EU Withdrawal Bill last night were a democratic outrage and the Scottish Parliament must be respected.

This week, the Tory Government chose to press ahead with its power-grab to keep Scotland's powers in London - not in Scotland.

Imagine being expelled for asking that Scotland's voice be heard.

He warned the UK Government that "this is not the end of the matter, this is the beginning" and concluded: "I will make sure we can frustrate as much as we possibly can what the Government are doing".

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"The Prime Minister silenced Scotland's voice, having broken constitutional convention, and plunged Scotland into a constitutional crisis, will the PM now commit to bringing forward emergency legislation so the will of Scottish Parliament can be heard and, more importantly, respected?"

Responding, Theresa May said the Withdrawal Bill would result in new powers being handed to Holyrood in more than 80 areas, adding that "only the SNP" would describe this as a power grab.

"I really do hope that the people of Scotland listened very carefully to what the PM said", he said. That is a democratic outrage.

"I'm not hearing that at this time and it is my clear understanding that I'm not obliged to do so", said the speaker.

Mr Bercow told him "in light of the persistent and repeated refusal of the Right Honorable gentleman to resume his seat when so instructed" he was banning him for the rest of the day. Yet last night she pressed ahead with a power-grab in direct opposition to Scotland's elected Parliament. My mixed sequence of advice is that is better for the vote to be conducted at the conclusion of questions to the prime minister... But the Prime Minister has ignored Scotland. This will rightly haunt the Scottish Tories for a generation.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said she was "right behind" Mr Blackford and accused Westminster of treating Scotland with "contempt".

Tempers flared after time ran out for debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Tuesday night as MPs were set to consider what the SNP has termed a "power grab" by Westminster over responsibilities returning to the United Kingdom from Brussels.

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