Theresa May’s frantic search for the flawless Brexit compromise

British prime minister faces rebellion while working on deal to break from European Union

Ministers win key Brexit bill vote after concession

The issue of a "meaningful vote" is set to be a flashpoint in the Commons, with ministers seeking to overturn a Lords amendment which would give Parliament extensive powers to direct ministers how to proceed if a deal with Brussels is rejected by MPs or no deal is reached.

"The Government's amendment today provides for a meaningful vote".

Theresa May was forced into a major compromise yesterday when she had to agree to give parliament a greater role in Brexit negotiations to avert a defeat at the hands of rebels from her own party who want to keep close European Union ties after Britain leaves.

'I hope very much the government will look at that, because I think it provides a solution which would satisfy everybody, ' he said.

Pledging to support Mr Corbyn from the backbenches, she said on Twitter she could not vote for anything "that does not deliver the exit from the European Union that my constituents voted for".

The deal to avert the rebellion, thrashed out on the benches of the House of Commons just minutes before voting, was for the government to discuss changes to the bill that would hand lawmakers more control over the Brexit process.

"Whatever we do, we're not going to reverse that [decision to leave the EU]", Mr. David told BBC radio. Now the focus shifts to the price of the rebels' compliance, and it could be a high one for the beleaguered prime minister.

Potential rebels fell into line after Solicitor General Robert Buckland said ministers were ready to "engage positively" with their concerns before the Bill returns to the Upper House next Monday.

Labour told pro-EU Conservative members of parliament that are thinking of rebelling against Mrs May to use the opportunity to "decisively shape the course of the negotiations".

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The Prime Minister is now expected to get through the latest round of crunch Brexit votes unscathed, with a potentially explosive clash over the customs union already defused by a compromise amendment.

But she faces a gruelling bout of "parliamentary ping-pong" with the Lords, as the Bill bounces back and forth between the two Houses over the coming weeks.

The pro-European cause was boosted when junior justice minister Phillip Lee, a friend of May's, resigned shortly before the debate in order to back the veto amendment.

She added: "I can not countenance parliament being able to overturn the will of the British people".

"This justifies my decision to resign and makes it a lot less painful", said Dr Lee.

The Labour leader left the prime minister shooting what some commentators described as a "death stare" - while Boris Johnson giggled and smirked.

May's officials begin work on Wednesday, drafting a new clause in her key piece of Brexit legislation after she narrowly avoided a defeat in Parliament by offering last-minute concessions to pro-EU lawmakers. "I am sure a sensible amendment will be forthcoming which we can all agree to".

A third part of Grieve's amendment, which the government has not agreed to discuss and is likely to resist, would hand control of the Brexit negotiations to parliament if an exit deal has not been agreed by February 15 next year.

"We will wait and see the details of this concession and will hold ministers to account to ensure it lives up to the promises they have made to Parliament". Britain and the EU agree there must be no customs posts or other border infrastructure to impede the free flow of people and goods, but the United Kingdom has not said how that can be achieved if it is outside the customs union.

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