Thrill-seeking raccoon captivates internet by climbing 23 floors up skyscraper

A still from the video

A still from the video

The law firm at the UBS building confirmed to Nelson that the raccoon has been safely caught.

A crew from Wildlife Management Services of Brooklyn Park released the 1-year-old female raccoon around 1 p.m. Wednesday at a random location.

A raccoon ended up in a most precarious place near the top of the UBS building.

On Twitter, they're calling #MPRraccoon "The hero we never knew we needed".

"I am so proud of this little rascal - such a fricking champ!", said Dana Frazer as she watched a live feed of the raccoon's climb on Periscope, a live streaming site.

Tickets are available online at and at the Saints Box Office starting at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. on Saturdays. People were so invested in the journey of MPR Raccoon that many posted that they would not be able to go on if the animal were to drop to her untimely death.

A raccoon stranded on the ledge of a building captivated onlookers overnight after it started scaling an office building. "Goodbye friend!", said a Tweet issued by building management of the building, UBS Plaza.

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There is not a whole lot that St. Paul Animal Control can do because a rescue mission would be too risky for both the raccoon and the workers.

The #MPRraccoon near the roof of the UBS building in Minnesota, USA.

It was first spotted on a ledge Tuesday morning, just a few storeys high.

But however thoughtless this may or not have been, people have inspiration from the MPR raccoon.

It's not unusual for raccoons to climb fairly tall trees and other structures, according to MacDonald and Jenni, though neither had heard of one climbing such a tall building before.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn even offered "a thousand bucks to the non-political charity of choice to anyone who saves this raccoon".

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