Apple actually began shutting down its USB security hole a while ago

Apple iPhone5 showing its screen with numpad for entering the passcode

Apple iPhone5 showing its screen with numpad for entering the passcode

Apple notes that it's not just law enforcement that uses unlocking devices on iPhones, but that criminals also use similar methods, this new update would hopefully prevent the theft and unlocking of iPhones in the future.

Apple will soon close an iPhone security gap allowing access to personal data on locked iPhones, an entry point that law enforcement agencies have used to gather evidence. The port will still function after the update, but will shut off data an hour after a phone is locked if the correct password is not entered.

This won't entirely stop law-enforcement examiners from getting access to locked iPhones, but may severely limits the time they have to complete a process that can sometimes take days or months.

Shortly thereafter, Grayshift emerged as a different company that had developed an affordable black box that could unlock any iPhone; reports revealed local and regional us police departments and the federal government have been purchasing the technology.

"Back in 2016, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed it utilized third parties to help break into iPhones, a new issue presented itself - there was a known vulnerability being exploited that wasn't shared with the only organization in the world that could fix it", he explained. Apple's plan for this update has been circulating among security blogs and law enforcement circles, enraging the agencies.

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Law enforcement efforts to crack mobile device security are also a "direct assault against Android", Gold said, in that it's not at all clear that most Android phones could claim the same level of anti-hacking security as Apple.

Apple said that after it learned of the techniques, it reviewed the iPhone operating system code and improved security.

Apple CEO Tim Cook defended the company's decision saying, among other arguments, that weakening encryption gives criminals and other malicious actors an easier way to break into phones.

A customer views the new iPhone 7 smartphone inside an Apple Inc. store in Los Angeles, California, U.S., September 16, 2016. The company routinely works with investigators on lawful requests for data. Access to this data can be paramount for the government to find and eliminate any possible threats. While that is good news for consumers, law enforcement agencies complain that Apple is giving free rein to terrorists and pedophiles by impeding government access and surveillance. "This is a really big vulnerability in Apple's phones", said Matthew D. Green, a professor of cryptography at Johns Hopkins University.

The encryption on smartphones only applies to data stored exclusively on the phone.

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