Israel Foreign Ministry Report Shows Concern Over US-North Korea Summit

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Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn, Trump said on June 15 that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had told him North Korea's nuclear weapons program was the "most unsafe problem" facing the United States.

Trump says, "Hey, he's the head of a country, and I mean he is the strong head". "Don't let anyone think anything different".

South Korea's top envoy in Australia has warned that US President Donald Trump cannot unilaterally halt joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula but conceded some "good faith" compromises on the drills could aid negotiations with Kim Jong-un.

"I can now call him", Trump said to reporters on Friday, according to South Korea's Yonhap News. As Col. Jack Jacobs, a Medal of Honor recipient, told NBC, "I would have told him, 'They're going to salute you, but don't return the salute, just move smartly down the line'".

"You don't understand sarcasm", he told the reporter dismissively, with a wave of his hand.

The first North Korean footage released to the world of Trump's historic summit with Kim Jong Un is an awkward mix-up between Trump and a North Korean officer, as The Hill reports.

Still, many people on Twitter and beyond found the comment disconcerting, given North Korea's human rights violations and prison camps.

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Trump said during an interview outside the White House Friday that Kim's power should not be underestimated. "I would have him", Trump said.

After signing an agreement with Kim committing the North to denuclearization in exchange for unspecified security guarantees, Trump pooh-poohed Kim's iron-fisted rule.

"I saved us a lot of money".

Trump again hinted a White House visit by Kim is possible.

But Trump recalled that when he came to office a year ago his predecessor Barack Obama had warned that North Korea's growing missile and nuclear threat was the United States "most unsafe problem". "No president's ever had this", Trump said.

The statement echoes remarks Trump gave during an interview shortly after the summit concluded, where he commended the "great fervor" Kim strikes among North Koreans. In May, after North Korea criticised his vice-president, Mike Pence, Trump said the summit was cancelled.

They agreed to implement a 2004 agreement, in which the two sides' militaries vowed to work to prevent unexpected clash in the West Sea, a joint statement said.

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