Reports Reveal Launch Period for Surface Pro 6 and HoloLens 2

Surface Pro 6 rumored to launch in the moiddle of next year powered by the latest Intel processors

More details emerge about Microsoft’s rumored new hardware, including redesigned Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Corp. will not launch a major upgrade to its Surface-brand personal computers until next year but may release a new, lower-priced model before then, according to new reports. I wouldn't expect this to replace the official Surface charger, but it should give you a little bit of extra power in a pinch. The Redmond-based tech giant recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of its Surface Pro range, and now details of next set of devices have emerged online. In fact, just yesterday he revealed that Microsoft is planning to launch HoloLens v3 by Q1 of 2019. It's also said that Andromeda will jumpstart a new category of pocketable devices that will be created by Microsoft's OEM hardware partners.

There's also a third device, Andromeda, that is allegedly being developed by the Surface team. The device is scheduled to arrive around the mid-point of next year and will be "heavily redesigned" according to Mary Jo Foley. Think of it as a foldable tablet.

Microsoft could also unveil the new Surface Pro 6 which will succeed the Surface Pro 5. With Qualcomm entering the PC space, there is also a chance that Microsoft could use one of the newly designed chipsets made for always connected notebooks.

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The Surface Pro 6 doesn't have a shipping date yet.

However, a reference later in the report cites that refreshes of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop could land later this year with 8th-generation Intel Core processors, and that they could employ USB-C ports in conjunction with Microsoft's proprietary Surface Connect port.

It is noteworthy that these rumoured launch timelines could change as the leaked documents were made under the leadership of Terry Myerson who announced his departure from the company back in March.

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