Canada confident Italy will eventually ratify CETA, Freeland

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland delivers remarks after receiving the Diplomat of the Year award at the Foreign Policy annual Awards Dinner in Washington U.S

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland receives the Diplomat of the Year award in Washington Thomson Reuters

Negotiations to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement started last August and were initially scheduled to finish by the end of December.

The laborious pace of talks which has resulted in several missed deadlines for completion will continue, according to Canada's top negotiator, Chrystia Freeland.

"A canny approach would be to say, listen we're square behind the government on the position of tariffs and trade with the USA, but we also need the government to help make us a much more robust export economy by improving the tax situation vis-a-vis other jurisdictions", Donolo said.

"We will be working hard over the summer", she said. "We talked about following up on setting up specific dates for meetings and that is what we are going to do", she said. When asked if Canada shouldn't over-react to President Trump's recent comments, as it was simply political posturing related to ongoing NAFTA negotiations - 57 percent of Canadians and 52 percent of Americans polled were against over-reaction; a slim minority.

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Italy's challenge to CETA comes as the European Commission is eager to reach free trade deals with other countries and regions in the face of mounting trade protectionism by the administration of US President Donald Trump. The businessman and owner of a label-making business with a branch in the US, leaned on his background in sales to tell reporters that he will help federal efforts by travelling to the discuss trade with USA politicians. "I'm really grateful for all the work that premier's across the country have been doing in being part of the Team Canada effort".

"We do think that we have a request that the supply be managed so that we do not over-produce and depress world milk-solid prices in that way", said Perdue. Trudeau has said Canada will not be "pushed around" by the US and that it was "insulting" that Trump would call for new tariffs as a national security issue.

Canada has vowed to retaliate against United States tariffs on steel and aluminum with tariffs against a range of U.S. goods, a move supported by 79 per cent of Canadians, according to the poll. In fact, the move put a damper on the recent G7 meeting in Canada, although Trump denied there were issues with the other six leaders. The Prime Minister also said that it is "a shame" to hear that the trump justifies their rates as a problem of national security.

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