Fortnite on the Switch already has over two million players

Sony's Cross-Play Policies Are Hurting Fortnite Players on Nintendo Switch

Sony Responds to ‘Fortnite’ Account Controversy

Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, confirmed to Polygon that the game had "more than two million downloads in less than 24 hours" after launch.

There has been some controversy with Fortnite coming to the Nintendo Switch after players reported that they were not able to log-in to their Epic Games accounts on the platform if they had previously played on the PlayStation 4, due to Sony blocking cross-platform play.

"We're always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience", Sony's statement said.

A similar error appears if a PS4-associated account is used on the older Xbox One version of the game, though more players are discovering it this week as they try to take the game portable on the Switch.

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"What's driving their availability [on Switch] is when did we first have the development conversations, how far along are the various teams in their progress, how do we make sure that the game could be enabled for Nintendo Switch", Fils-Aime said. Instead, Sony decided it'd be better to tout their community numbers and cross-play support, which has little bearing over gamers being locked out of Fortnite simply because their account is tied to the PS4. Those games can only be played on the PlayStation 4, and Sony should be confident in those titles, and the other features that set PlayStation apart. These links leave Siliconera. You would think that Sony would have learnt some humility after their mistakes with the PS3, but apparently not.

We doubt this will appease furious Fortnite fans who are lambasting Sony over its unwillingness to partake in cross-play with other consoles.

During Nintendo's E3 Direct stream on Tuesday evening, Fortnite was announced as being immediately available on the Switch. The players just want to play with their friends who also play games on console.

It's a situation that's becoming increasingly troublesome for Sony (after similar frustrations surfaced around Minecraft and Rocket League), and the public outcry has manifested itself this time with a 2% share price drop (that's according to CNBC). That's unfortunate for anyone who wanted to play Fortnite with their friends regardless of what console they own. The one that's now making headlines is the account connectivity problem that's basically screwing tons of Switch players out of items they've paid for and their account progress.

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